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The Great American Wholefood Farmacy opened for business in March 2003 with a mission to
supply healthy convenient wholefood based meals & snacks, non-toxic personal care items, and to
educate the public regarding a preventative based lifestyle.  

Over the past century, we've seen enormous advances in medical technology. We have more
doctors, more pharmaceutical medicines, and more hospitals than ever before. We also have the
sickliest generation of Americans in history.  The number one culprit is THE AMERICAN DIET.

The processed food and fast food industries are serving it up and Americans are gulping it down.
Obesity and chronic disease is the result and the masses are driven into the waiting hands of the
highly profitable health care industry. We're offered pills that treat our symptoms while the simple
underlying causes are ignored.  What incentive does the health care industry have to focus on
prevention?  If no one gets sick, the profits dry up!  

The ingredients to health, happiness, vitality, and longevity are no secret.  Every major non-profit
health organization in the world has been offering the same advice for many years.  

1.  Eat more whole foods

2.  Drink more water

3.  Exercise on a daily basis

4.  Lose weight if you need to

If you simply eliminate the CAUSE you can eliminate the PROBLEM. To that end, we have made
healthy foods delicious, convenient, and affordable. Our salon quality personal care items offer
superior results without the toxic chemicals.
5.  Don't smoke

6.  Avoid toxins

7.  Reduce stress
Now that the FDA has stepped in, demanding to be the regulatory body of organic foods, we no
longer have an interest in the organic movement as such. We watched and saw what happened
when the FDA took over inspection of meat products from the Dept. of Agriculture. Do you realize
that inspectors pass cancerous tumors to be eaten by humans? Are you aware that influenza,
listeria, and ecoli, are now passed by the FDA for human consumption because they believe that it
is safe when cooked?

At the Wholefood Farmacy we're blazing our own trail and we have coined the term "ORGONIC" to
identify our foods. Orgonic means there are no pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, or
fungicides used in the growing of our product ingredients - they are not irradiated, they are
residue and GMO free. We have chosen the word "Orgonic" to identify our foods because Orgonic
means what organic used to mean.

Orgon Means Life - All life has electric properties. The ion channels in cell membranes cause a
voltage difference across the membrane of nearly 1/10th of a volt. If you line up 20 neuron cells
properly, you get about a 1.5 volt charge - enough to run a small flashlight! We react to electrical
sun spots 93 million miles away, just like receivers of energy measurements do. Electric impulses
can mend difficult-to-heal bones.

We are electrical beings - all 76 trillion cells of our physical bodies. Life is electric. Orgonic is the
quality of adding life force. We like to say that our whole foods and whole food products and our
Ascential oils are all orgonic because they add to your life force. It may sound shocking, but we
want to electrify you!
Great American Wholefood Farmacy Phi Plus - Click Here
Phi Plus
Phi Plus is the healthiest food in the world. It is a synergistic
combination of 76 orgonic whole food ingredients including nuts,
seeds, grains, fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, oils, & spices. It
is specifically designed to support and enhance all seven body
systems. Western medicine calls these 7 centers of the body
NervePlexi and their attendant Neuro-endocrine glands. This
pure raw food is a delicious snack and a superb meal
replacement. Eat your way to "inner balance", health, and closer
to your Healthy Weight.

Your body was designed with the innate ability to recognize the
pure nutrition that nature provides!  Whole foods are purest form
of nutrition available  - they are alive. They carry bio-electric
energy and other complex nutritional messages that vibrate with
frequencies that energize the body. Our cells recognize the bio-electric messages found only in
foods that absorb sun light and grow naturally from the earth.

Phi Plus Ingredients: Dates, Oats, Raisins, Sesame Seeds, Almonds, Cashews, Filberts, Brazils,
Walnuts, Pecans, Prunes, Figs, Raspberries, Walnut Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Stardust Ra Sea Salt,
Beet Powder, Pumpkin Seeds, Quinoa, Nutritional Yeast, Chick Pea, Arborio Rice, Basmati Brown
Rice, Basmati White Rice, Bhutanese Red Rice, Carnaroli Rice, Fluffy Rice, Jasmine Rice, Long
Grain Rice, Wild Rice, Bulgur Wheat, Wheat Germ, Poppy Seed, Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove,
Nutmeg, Black Sesame Seeds, Red Bean, Pink Bean, Green Pea, Carrot, Olive Oil, Aloe Powder,
Sweet Leaf, Cherry, Strawberry, Guava, Banana, Peach, Cranberries, Raw Coconut, Lemon Oil,
Orange Oil, Soy, Millet, Rye, Corn, Red Wheat, Barley, Flax, Buckwheat, Larkspur, Lavender,
Chrysanthemum, Jasmine, Marigold, Rose.
Great American Wholefood Farmacy TropiPhi - Click Here
TropiPhi is the "Rolls Royce"
of raw food. It is a great
source of fiber, protein, and
unsaturated fats (good fats).
It contains all natural fibers
& no cholesterol. All sugars
are raw and "complex" for
slow digestion. TropiPhi is a
delicious tropical treat
handcrafted from
macadamia nuts, walnuts,
brazil nuts, pineapple,
papaya, mango, bananas,
Ra coconut, basmati brown
& white rice, forbidden rice,
and orange oil. All
ingredients are orgonic and
raw. Nourish your body the
TropiPhi way!
Great American Wholefood Farmacy Vichyssoise V-6 Creamy Tomato Soup - Click Here
Vichyssoise V6 Creamy
Tomato Soup
is a pure
wholefood pleasure. This
delicious soup is
handcrafted from 6
wholefood ingredients
including Tomatoes,
Onions, Ra Sugar, Garlic,
Ra Salt and Seaweed. Gifts
from nature's bounty
delivered as a convenient
wholefood treat. Mix 2
rounded tablespoons with
water - hot or cold - and it
will put you in the flow of life.
This 1 lb. bag makes ~ 30
servings. "Favor the savor of
flavor" with Vichyssoise V-6
Creamy Tomato Soup!
Great American Wholefood Farmacy Vichyssoise V-8 Creamy Bean Soup - Click Here
Vichyssoise V8 Creamy
Bean Soup
is truly the cream
of the crop. This delicious
soup is hand crafted from 8
wholefood ingredients
including Pinto Beans,
Tomatoes, Kidney Beans,
Basmatic Rice, Onions, Ra
Salt, Garlic and Chipotle
Peppers. Achieve total
relaxation without ever
touching a yoga mat. Mix 2
rounded tablespoons with
water - hot or cold - and let
the relaxation flow. This 1 lb.
bag makes ~ 30 servings.
"Favor the savor of flavor"
with V-8 Creamy Bean!
Great American Wholefood Farmacy Vichyssoise V-10 Creamy Yam Soup - Click Here
Vichyssoise V-10 Creamy
Yam Soup
will feed your
cells, brain, and emotions.
This delicious soup is
handcrafted from Yams,
Cashews, Corn, Onions, Ra
Salt, Ginger, Lemon Peel,
Cloves, All Spice, &
Cardamom. Mix 2 rounded
tablespoons with water - hot
or cold - and it will make you
feel "souper". This 8 oz. bag
makes ~ 30 servings. "Favor
the savor of flavor" with
Vichyssoise V-10 Creamy
Yam Soup!
Great American Wholefood Farmacy Veggielicious Spice - Click Here
Veggielicious Spice
Veggielicious Spice is a spicy, crunchy alternative to
traditional snack foods. It's a combination of 12 Orgonic
low pressure dried ingredients: Maize Corn, Sweet Corn,
Potatoes, Peas, Tomatoes, Carrots, Green Beans,
Zucchini, Broccoli, Red Peppers, Green Onions, Green
Peppers, & naturally spicey seasonings. This complete
meal is packaged as a convenient snack and contains
everything you need to stay energized throughout the
day, the healthy way.
Great American Wholefood Farmacy Fruitalicious - Click Here
Fruitalicious is a sweet, fruity alternative to traditional
snack foods. It is a combination of low-pressure and
sun-dried ingredients: Apples, Raisins, Banana,
Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, Raspberry, Dates,
Coconut, Currants, Figs, Cranberry, & Red Flame Raisins.
This raw fruit snack packs a powerful fruity punch.
Fruitalicious is a tasty immune boosting treat that is also a
great source of dietary fiber & slow sugars.
Great American Wholefood Farmacy Fruitalicious Plus - Click Here
Fruitalicious Plus
Fruitalicious Plus is a sweet, fruity, crunchy alternative
to traditional snack foods. It is a combination of
low-pressure & sun-dried ingredients: Honey Granola,
Apples, Raisins, Banana, Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry,
Dates, Raspberry, Coconut, Currants, Figs, Cranberry, &
Red Flame Raisins. This raw fruit snack packs a powerful
fruity punch. Fruitalicious + is a tasty immune boosting
treat that is also a great source of dietary fiber & slow
Great American Wholefood Farmacy Vichyssoise V-12 Creamy Vegetable Soup - Click Here
Vichyssoise V-12 Creamy
Vegetable Soup
is the
summit - the "Mount Everest"
of high impact nutritional
soups. This delicious soup
is handcrafted from Corn,
Potatoes, Tomatoes, Peas,
Broccoli, Green Beans,
Zucchini, Bell Peppers,
Onions, Celery, Garlic, & Ra
Salt. Mix two rounded
tablespoons with water - hot
or cold - and soar to
nutritional heights above the
clouds. This 1 lb. bag
makes ~ 30 servings. "Favor
the savor of flavor" with V-12
Creamy Veggie!
The Little Ladle Samplerz
pack provides a convenient
and economical way to try all
four of our pure whole food
soups.  This sampler pack
includes 1/4 bag of each of
our four creamy soups - V6
Tomato, V8 Bean, V10 Yam,
and V12 Veggie.  Variety and
discovery await you - enjoy!
Philicious - A convenient
and affordable way to
sample 3 of the Wholefood
Farmacy's most popular
foods.  Includes 1/3 bag
each of Phi Plus,
Fruitalicious, and
Veggielicious Spice. Perfect
for a day on the go, a handy
treat for the kids, and a
wonderful way to share the
message of whole food
nutrition. (6 oz. Phi Plus, 2
oz. Fruitalicious, & 2.5 oz.
Veggielicious Spice)
Great Amercian Wholefood Farmacy Cornaborealis - Click Here
Cornaborealis is a hearty
Tri-Corn Combination of
Maize Corn, Cashews,
Sunflower seeds, Pecans,
Raisins, Ra Sugar, Ceylon
Cinnamon, Nutmeg, & Ra
Salt. It's designed to make
your taste buds explode.
This amazing, all natural
corn snack packs a
powerful crunchy punch. It's
produced the way the
ancient Native Americans
used to prepare maize and
is uniquely blended with
our Amazing Stardust Ra
Sea Salt.
Great American Wholefood Farmacy Corn of Plenty - Click Here
Corn of Plenty is a zesty
combination of Maize Corn,
Seeds,Cashews,  Pecans,
Pumpkin Seeds, and
chipotle Peppers, with a
hint of Cajun Spice to fire
things up a bit. This spicy,
crunchy corn snack is also
high in protein and contains
no, sulfur, artificial
additives, preservatives, or
partially hydrogenated oils
or fats.
Unrefined Cold Processed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Click Here
Organic, Unrefined, Cold-Processed, Virgin Coconut Oil
from the Phillipines. Coconut oil is a prized oil that is versatile,
healthful, and delicious. This coconut oil may be used for
cooking, eating alone, or even used on the skin. It's effects are
legendary in several places, especially in the Pacific nations.
Unrefined coconut oil is marvellous for cooking as it contains
the more stable medium-chain fatty acids,  i.e., to say that our
coconut oil is a healthy, saturated fat that is quickly
metabolized and converted into energy and less likely to be
stored as "fat". Noted for its ability to aid in weight
management, virgin coconut oil also, helps to normalize
hypoglycemic yearnings, support the thyroid, and improve
cholesterol ratios. The skin in particular seems to enjoy
delightful benefits from organic coconut oil, both from using it
as a food and using it directly on the skin.
Organic Coconut Oil
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Recipes From The World's
Finest Restaurants And
Cook Like a 5-Star Chef for
a Fraction of the Cost!
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Stardust Ra Sea Salt - Click Here
Stardust Ra Sea Salt Gold is the most unique salt in all the
world. It is the only salt that is specially prepared to remove all
the impurities, including the microscopic sand (silicas,
hapitites, zeolites) contained in most other salts,including
regular sea salt. Once the salt is purified we combine it with
trace amounts of medicinal grade 24 carat gold. Two of
nature's finest rolled into one!
Stardust Ra Sea Salt Gold
Great American Wholefood Farmacy Philicious - Click Here
The WholeFood Farmacy Gourmet Coffee - Click Here!
COFFEE is the best coffee
you'll ever taste!
This is a
delicious, mountain grown,
fair trade, organic coffee
that is roasted to perfection.
These whole coffee beans
are then proprietarily
infused with 4 unique,
ancient, renown
mushrooms known for their
immune building potential.
Enjoy a great lift without
Farmacy Greens - Click Here!
delicious and highly
nutritious, assimilable
greens. Enjoy with water or
juice. Ingredients such as
Spirulina, Chlorella, Dulse,
Kelp, Beet Root, Barley
Grass and more make this
gloriously green beverage a
must  for the health minded.
Organic Natural Whole Foods & Snacks
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