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Zija XM+ Mix - Click Here
Zija XM+ Mix
Zija's XM+ Mix is a convenient way to drink in
healthy Moringa, with natural ingredients like Green
Tea, Desert Tea and Ginseng for added energy.

Moringa oleifera is considered by many to be the
most nutrient-rich plant ever discovered. This
all-natural beverage is overflowing with
antioxidants, minerals, omega oils, vital proteins
and cell-ready nutrients. Zija is the first - and only -
company to channel Moringa's dramatic nutritional
properties into a refreshing, nourishing energy
beverage that gives you the balance nature

XM+ Mix combines the same dosage and potency
of Moringa found in the Zija Smart Mix with our
proprietary blend of plant-based natural Caffeine,
natural Desert Tea, natural Green Tea, Fruit Pectin,
naturally occurring Trimethlglycine (TMG), Ginseng,
natural Allium sativum and all-natural flavors.
Zija Smart Mix with Moringa - Click Here
Zija SmartMix

Shake things up with Zija's SmartMix, an easy-to-
open packet that you can add to water for a dose
of pure Moringa nutrition – even on the go!

SmartMix is packed with Moringa in the purest
form available on the market, so it's overflowing
with cell-ready nutrients, antioxidants, minerals,
omega oils and vital proteins. Zija is the first – and
only – company to channel Moringa's dramatic
nutritional properties into a refreshing and
nourishing beverage that helps you maintain a
healthy, active and balanced lifestyle just as nature

Our proprietary SmartMix is 100% natural, Halal
and Kosher certified and contains over 90 nutrients
and benefits in each serving.

Grab a packet and "Drink Life In!"
Zija XM am Moringa Capsules - Click Here
Zija XMam Moringa Caps

Zija's XMam contains a breakthrough formula that
combines healthy Moringa with Dutch Cocoa
Powder and Geranium to help stave off mid-day
cravings, spur natural fat-burning mechanisms and
promote a positive mood.

Ken Brailsford and Zija's research team have found
a way to further enhance over three decades' worth
of research of thermogenesis, appetite
suppression and weight control. Simply put, XMam
raises the bar on weight management and
promotes a lean body by turning off your hunger
switch and converting body fat for weight loss.
Zija XM pm Moringa Capsules - Click Here
Zija XMpm Moringa Caps

XMpm is a handcrafted formula with Moringa, Sea
Kelp, Ashwagandha and Gynema Sylvestre that
helps reduce stress, stabilize your mood, combat
evening cravings and prepare your body for restful

In today's hectic world, stress is on the rise. Our
body's natural reaction can lead to overeating,
restless nights and a myriad of other health
problems. XMpm works to reduce stress naturally,
helping you drop pounds and wake up refreshed
and ready to move forward!
Zija Premium Tea - Click Here
Zija Premium Tea

Zija's Premium Tea is a delicious blend of
traditional eastern and western herbs that aids in
digestive cleansing, acts as a natural laxative and
diuretic and eliminates toxins released from fat
cells during weight loss.

The Premium Tea is an important part of the Zija
Weight Management System as well as your
overall health. We combine our proprietary
Moringa blend with other natural ingredients like
Senna Leaf, Buckthorn Frang Bark, Peppermint
Leaf, Stevia Leaf, Uva Ursi Leaf, Orange Peel,
Rosehips Fruit, Althea (Marshmallow) Root and
Chamomile Flower. It's the perfect way to soothe
and cleanse your body in preparation for a restful
night's sleep.
TriVita Leanology Products

on the market. It features three distinct choices,
which you can take separately or all together for
optimal weight loss and extra savings. Your

  •    Fat-Burning Capsules – for “losing the
    bulge” (and clinically proven to work)
  •    Tasty Chews – for snack replacement
    and appetite control
  •    Delicious Shakes – for nutritionally-
    balanced, low calorie meal substitution

Take Leanology and join the thousands of other
people who are losing weight the smart and
healthy way.
The eXfuze ShapeWay Meal
Replacement Shake is scientifically
formulated to potentially provide
maximum cellular nutrition, energy, and
metabolic support.  Our proprietary blend
includes four high yield proteins that may
provide the body with an ideal balanced
meal supported by essential amino
acids.  Every shake has 100% or more of
the recommended daily allowance of
vitamins and minerals, fortified with
immune-boosting colostrum.  The
ShapeWay proprietary blend is a
combination of high yield proteins from
nutrient dense sources that provide both
long and fast burning protein, a powerful
fiber system that uses outstanding high
density blends of fiber from nutrient dense
sources, and probiotics and enzymes that
may help to activate better digestion.  It is
important to note that, unlike most shakes,
the ShapeWay Meal Replacement Shake
contains no soy.  With a delicious “Royal
Vanilla” flavor, you will find it hard to
believe that something that tastes so
good could possibly contain so many
great things!