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Zija SmartDrink

Zija's 5.5oz Original SmartDrink channels
Moringa's dramatic nutritional properties into a
beverage overflowing with antioxidants, minerals,
omega oils, vital proteins and cell-ready nutrients.

Zija is the first - and only - company to harness
Moringa into a refreshing, nourishing beverage for
everyday use. Our proprietary Original Smart
Drink is 100% natural, Halal and Kosher certified
and contains more than 90 enzymatically active
and bio-available nutrients in each serving.

Grab a chilled can of Zija and "Drink Life In!"
•Less pain?                   •More energy?
•Higher moods?             •Better sleep?
•Stronger vision?           •Mental focus?
•Hormone balance?       •Stress relief?
•Lower cholesterol?
•Blood sugar control?
•Cardiovascular health?         

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